About Me

My first electric guitar (1963) - It was a 'Top Forty Triple Master' - wow
I've been lucky enough to have had a life of music playing in many bands, running my home recording studios, producing advertising jingles on t.v. and radio and in more recent years, in teaching young guitarists how to become performing musicians as I did for fun and profit.

I haven't always played guitar, in fact I started on a Ukulele age 11 which my uncle Bill brought back from the war in the islands.

Along the way I have worked in a top Melbourne jingle studio (with the best performing 'talent') and then later built my own, learnt to fly planes (thanks to $$$ from music performing), and had two fantastic kids - Scott and Kate. Both have developed many musical talents.

Working with teenagers keeps me up to date with the current artists in all styles on the media.

My favourite guitarists (and influences) would have to be Australia's Tommy Emmanuel, with his incredible ability to play the melody, bass and chords all at the same time - not many can do that, Eric Clapton (in his Cream days), Gary Moore for hot blues, and more recently John Petrucci (of Dream Theatre) for his incredible ability with his fingers and the fret board and Harvey James (in his Ariel days - great 'whammy' bar) and Tim Gaze (also Ariel - at the time 17 years old). There are many others as well of course.

My favourite composers include the greats of Hollywood of course (John Williams and Danny Elfman) and here in Melbourne I've recently discovered Yuri Worontschak.

These days I'm working to get back composing for film and t.v. myself.