Most musicians love recording. If they haven't tried it they should have a go. Recording is your best teacher. You'll hear mistakes in 'playback' that you missed when recording.
The sun rising on my tired eyes.
From 'dot 1' I wanted a tape recorder. My first was a little machine compared to the monster 8 track years later. (see my 'Midi' page).

Let's just say these days with a laptop capable of recording better sound than the 'monster', just about everyone is having a go. You don't need to spend many thousands anymore.
If you're a musician trying to make it work without success, give me a call. There's not much I haven't done with recording systems and I should be able to help you get recording successfully in no time.

If you'd rather play the instrument(s) and let someone else push the buttons, again I'm happy to help - in my studio or your home it can be done with professional results.

See my 'Contact' page to get in touch.